Alaska Dog Mushers Assoc. (ADMA) to ISDRA Sanction all Championship Races

The Alaska Dog Mushers Association (ADMA) recently voted to ISDRA sanction their Championship races; the ADMA Gold Run, the North Pole Championship Sled Dog Race, the Limited North American Championships and the Open North American Championships. With the Alaskan Sled Dog Racing Association (ASDRA) signaling their intention to sanction the Exxon Open and the Rondy, there will be a full slate of ISDRA sanctioned racing in Alaska in 2008. The Montana Creek Dog Mushers voted earlier to sanction all classes at the Su-Valley Championships and the Chugiak Dog Mushers are expected to sanction the Eagle River Classic as well. For the past several years, the Tok Dog Mushers have also sanctioned the Open, 8 Dog and 6 Dog classes at their top-notch season ending event. The Alaskan Unlimited class races have determined the Unlimited Class ISDRA Medalists for a long time and the 10 Dog Class has also seen a number of Medals influenced by the Alaskan races, most notably for Jeff Conn’s Gold in 2007, Rob Downey’s medals in 2007, 2006 and 2005 and Ken Chezik in 2005.. ISDRA Medals in the 8 Dog Class are also being affected by Alaskan races, with Rob Downey taking the Gold in 2006 with the help of two Alaskan races and Grahame Howe doing the same for the Silver in 2005. Should this trend continue, a lot more Alaskan mushers may be hanging ISDRA medals on their walls! For more information on ISDRA please visit


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