ADMA Challenge Series #2 race report

After some necessary trail work, and with minimum snow conditions, ADMA held the first of their Annamaet Challenge Series races this season. The temperature and trail conditions kept many mushers away, but those 23 intrepid skijorers and mushers who did brave the cold were rewarded with great runs for their teams. Temperatures hovered around -19F, and colder in the valley.Susan Seitz won the 2-dog, 4.5 mile, skijor in a time of 17:10.0, edging out Kriya Dunlap (18:24.0) and Sara Tabbert (19:13.5), while husband Andy Seitz took the 1-dog prize winning in 20:16.2, followed by Ted Wu (25:54.2) and Sunnifa Deehr (25:55.6).Scott Campbell finished the 4-dog, 4.5 mile, sled race in a winning time of 14:33.4 followed by Jennifer Probert (14:51.3) and AARP musher Val Mackler (19:42.8). Andrea Swingley and Lynn Orbison (AARP) rounded out the field.The only mid-distance, 19-mile, race to be held by ADMA this season was won by Jillian Rogers in a time of 1:40:55.9 followed by Cliff Cadzow (1:53:54.2).Jennifer Probert jumped back on the runners for the 6-dog class. The 2007 6-dog Challenge Series champion won the 5.9 mile race easily in a time of 18:34.0 followed by Ami Gjestson (19:14.2) and Chris Burrow (27:04.3).The two 8-dog competitors chose to run only 6 dogs each over the 9.3 mile course due to marginal trail conditions. Race winner Bonnie Borba (31:44.6) won the race over AARP musher Lynn Orbison (41:12.1).The final event was the open class race. Jeff Conn hooked up 10 dogs to win over the 12.1 mile course in a time of 39:16.6 edging out Marvin Kokrine (14 dogs, 39:33.4), Robert Cadzow (13 dogs, 39:47.3) with Andy Seitz rounding out the field with 10 dogs in a time of 40:22.7.The next ADMA Annamaet Challenge Series race is slated for January 20th at the Jeff Studdert Racegrounds.For full results visit:


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