5th annual Yukon Arctic Ultra prepares to start

On February 11th athletes from all over the world will embark on an epic adventure, the Yukon Arctic Ultra. This will be the 5th running of the ultra endurance race.The 100, 300 and 460 mile participants will hit the Old Dawson Trail and get to know some real wilderness. The race leaves after the start of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race.The 460 mile distance is new and it will end in historical Dawson City. It is estimated that the athletes may need up to 13 days to get there. Any competitors failing to complete the race in 13 days will be disqualified. The distances in between checkpoints are long, and athletes will depend on having done the right training, using the right race strategy and having the right gear, some of which is mandatory. In order to transport all this gear they use pulk sleds. At the start line it always looks as if a giant Arctic expedition is about to take off.Once again, well over 90% of the participants have chosen to do the Yukon Arctic Ultra on foot. There are some skiers and skijorers as well.Trail conditions look to be excellent this year. There has been a lot of snow and temperatures were cold enough to freeze the rivers, creeks and lakes.Still, athletes always need to be prepared for surprises like overflow, breaking through thin ice, horrible snowstorms and unexpected wildlife encounters.


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