2011 Dryland World Championships to be held in Borken/Westfalen, Germany

The 2011 Dryland World Championships will take place on “Forellenhof” in 46325 Borken/Westfalen, Germany, on the 12th and 13th of November.The German Federation (VDSV) , the town of Borken (www.borken.de) and the local Sleddog club SSVM (Schlittenhundesportverein Münsterland) want to invite the mushers from all sleddog federations of the world.This race is running since 14 years in Borken and it has always been a complete success. The trail leads through forests and meadows on tracks with sand and grass. The stakeout area is so large that there is no need to limit the participants.The party on Saturday evening will be directly at the stake-out area, in a heated big tent .You can now book your hotel. There is a list of available hotels nearby when you use the following link: http://www.ssv-borken.de/resources/Hotel.pdfPlease use the keyword „Schlittenhunde WM“ for booking.More information you will find on the club home page : http://www.ssvm-ev.de/wp/And also on Facebook : www.facebook.com/SSVMeVVery soon you will find the registration form on the homepages of the links above.For more information you can call: Phone-No. 0049 2861 4596 ore-mail: rudi@rudiropertz.de


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