2007 Fur Rondy draw

The draw for starting positions in the 2007 Open World Championship Sled Dog Race, the Fur Rondezvou happened tonight in Anchorage. Eighteen teams are signed up for the race, including 8 rookie teams.The purse has been set at $35,000 with 27% going towards day money, and 73% being awarded to the final overall places.The final line-up in the Rondy is as follows:Bib # 1 Shane Goosen 2 Blayne Streeper 3 Arleigh Reynolds 4 Egil Ellis 5 Bill Kornmueller 6 Neil Johnson 7 Don Cousins 8 Bob Chlupach 9 Ed Wood 10 Michael Tetzner 11 Kari Skogen R 12 Ricky Taylor R 13 Nils Hahn R 14 Mike Cox R 15 Gary Markley R 16 Mike Stephans R 17 Jason Dunlap R 18 Heather Hardy RStay tuned to Mushing.com for daily updates and viedo and photographs from the race.


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