2007 Advance Pet Food Sled Dog Challenge August 11-12

The 2007 Advance Pet Foods Sled Dog Challenge, Australia’s only sled dog race on snow, is being held over the weekend of 11th – 12th August at Dinner Plain, 8km east of Mt Hotham.This annual event attracts the finest sled dog teams from all over Australia, even as far away as Perth and Tasmania. Somewhere in the order of 300 dogs will strive to achieve their fastest times as they dodge and weave their way through Dinner Plain’s stunning terrain and snow gums.Pitting their athleticism and courage against each other and against the combined elements of difficult terrain, possible blizzards, snow, ice and fog, teams will set out from the Village at 9am each day. “More than any other race, it tests the depth of the relationship between the Musher and their dogs,” said race organiser, Rob Stevens. “In this particular environment one is totally dependent on their dogs, particularly their lead dogs, they need to be both fast and responsive to voice commands, whilst also guiding the team out of potential danger.”One of the weekend attractions will be the thrilling weight-pull, which is being held on Saturday afternoon. A single dog will compete by pulling a freight sled over distances of 8-10 meters in the fastest times.The Advance Pet Foods Sled Dog Challenge is only open to experienced Mushers, who must have competed in at least 3 dirt races and be over 15 years of age. The most common breeds of dogs raced are Siberian Huskies, which are quick on their feet, and Alaskan Malamutes, which are renowned for their endurance, however other breeds also compete.


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