We are Hitting the Road!

Join the producers of Mushing, Robert, and Michele Forto as they embark on their first annual Team and Trail Tour

Would you like to be a part of mushing history? The Team and Trail Tour will be hitting the road from July 21-24 in Minnesota and Wisconsin and wants to meet up with you to be featured in Mushing Magazine

We are sure you know by now that when we bought Mushing Magazine and Team and Trail this past year we were going to do something different. 

Our goal is to become The Home of Dog Powered Adventure and become historians of the sport. Our goal is to cover this amazing lifestyle as it has never been done before. 

What spurred this on? Well, Robert was in a rock band in college and some of his fondest memories were hitting the road. 

He and Michele also do what they call The Rock n Roller Tour Across America each summer where they hit up music festivals and ride roller coasters. Since 2015 they have been to almost every state. 

Robert and Michele also know that to keep this sport and lifestyle alive it is not just through racing but storytelling. Really good storytelling, and with their platform on Mushing(.com) and their other media platforms, they can do this in a very unique way. 

We are sure that you probably have picked up an issue of Mushing Magazine or even Team and Trail before but what if it was more than just a print magazine? What if when you were reading the cover story you could click on a QCR Code to take you to a video, a podcast, even behind-the-scenes content, or maybe a thank you message to your sponsors? How cool is that?

What is it?

We are hitting the road this summer to visit dog mushers, adventurers, and explorers, to tell stories that will be showcased on our media platforms (Mushing Magazine, podcast, video, and social media). 

It is a great way to share your story in a very unique way, thank your fans and supporters, and be a part of dog mushing history. 

How does it work? 

We will be hitting the road in July for our first-ever Team and Trail Tour. Once we arrange a meet-up with you, we come to your kennel and we sit down for an interview, we record some extra audio that we can use for a podcast, take pictures for the magazine, and even feature your Super Dogs! Plan on this taking a few hours. You don’t even need to feed us but we are big fans of a good burger and local brew. 

We will use your interview in an upcoming feature in the magazine and possibly even be on the cover.

How do I schedule a meet-up?

It’s easy. Go to the calendar below and you can choose a date that works for you. After you choose a date our team will be in contact to get everything dialed in. 

Is there a cost?

Nope. This is free. Our goal is to showcase you and your dogs, have you tell a few stories, and share the love of dog mushing with the world. 

Will there be other events?

You bet! If you would like to schedule a meet-up with friends at a local brewery, maybe even host a live taping of the Mushing podcast. The sky is the limit! Contact Us with your ideas!

Why just Minnesota and Wisconsin?

This is our first year. We wanted to go where the mushers are this first summer. Our goal is each summer we go someplace else.

Maybe Scandinavia in 2025, or possibly Australia or New Zealand, or maybe the new hotbed of micro-kennels and mono-sports, the Southeast of the United States? 

Hurry, dates and spots are extremely limited!