What is the Norway Trail Sled Dog Race?

Norway Trail race mushing magazine

Norway-Trail is a mid distance stage race in the heart of Norway. The race was founded by Marte Heilemann (Alpen-Trail champion, Norwegian/European/World championship gold) and Roy Storli (Alpen-Trail), and had it first race in 2012. The race was a hit from the start and is now known for it´s good trails and social atmosphere.

The race in 2024 will be  located in the Norwegian mountains at Lenningen, with a total of 6 stages. The stages vary from 26 to 47 km, 5 day stages and one night stage. After each stage we have a barbeque.

Our participants is all kind of mushers; from fast hound teams to strong longdistance teams. Even though it is a mid distance race, the teams run approx 200 km during this week.

For those interested in a shorter race there will be a mid distance trophy race with 3 stages between 26 and 34 km and a sprint trophy race with 3 stages between 12 and 18 km  

You can follow the race here

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