Women are a force on the Iditarod Trail

This episode of Mushing on First Paw Media provides coverage and updates on the Iditarod race. It discusses the most improved musher award, the rookie of the year, and the red lantern holder. The hosts also share stories from the Iditarod Insider and highlight the achievements of women in the race’s history. A musher profile of Anna Hennessy is included, as well as a story about Ryan Reddington’s dog, Wildfire. The episode concludes with race finish updates and closing remarks.


  • The Iditarod race features various awards, including the most improved musher award, rookie of the year, and the red lantern for the last musher to finish.
  • Iditarod Insider provides behind-the-scenes stories and interviews with mushers.
  • Women have made significant contributions to the Iditarod race, with Susan Butcher becoming the first woman to win and setting records for completing the race in under 12 days.
  • Musher Anna Hennessy is an ER nurse and is passionate about outdoor experiences for youth, particularly for those who may not have access to such opportunities.
  • Ryan Reddington’s dog, Wildfire, overcame a serious injury to become an Iditarod finisher.
  • The race is nearing its end, with updates on the remaining mushers.


00:00: Introduction and Coverage
01:10: Race Updates
02:59: Rookie of the Year
03:26: Red Lantern Holder
03:55: Iditarod Insider Stories
06:20: Wally Robinson’s Story
09:11: Historical Feats by Inspiring Women
11:37: Musher Profile: Anna Hennessy
21:08: Race Finish Updates
22:58: Joshua Robbins and Bryce Mumford
23:57: Closing Remarks and Advertisement

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