Willow Re-Start and Yentna Station

Robert and Michele provide coverage of the 2024 Iditarod, starting with their arrival at the Willow Community Center and interviews with mushers at the staging area. They discuss the laid-back atmosphere and interactions with spectators. The process of dog drug testing and attaching trackers to sleds is described. The river run to Yentna Station is highlighted, including stops at scenic overlooks and the technicality of Corral Hill. They share their observations of resting dogs and capture action shots of mushers. The episode concludes with a profile of musher Bryce Mumford and closing remarks.


  • The Iditarod provides a sense of community and camaraderie among mushers and spectators.
  • The river run offers breathtaking views and a unique perspective of the race.
  • Resting dogs and the technical challenges of the trail are important aspects of the race.
  • Engaging with spectators and capturing action shots adds excitement to the coverage.


00:00: Introduction and Setting the Scene
01:08: Arrival at Willow Community Center
03:20: Interviewing Mushers with the Zoom H6 Recorder
04:14: Highlights of the Interviews
05:39: Interacting with Spectators at the Staging Area
06:28: Laid-back Atmosphere at the Starting Shoot
07:46: Dog Drug Testing and Attaching Trackers to Sleds
08:39: Engaging with Spectators at the Staging Area
09:28: River Run to Yentna Station
10:50: Scenic Views and Stops Along the Way
12:16: Overlook at Corral Hill
13:43: Technicality of Corral Hill
15:31: River Run on the Yentna River
18:47: Description of Yentna Station
20:25: Activity and People at Yentna Station
22:13: Interview with Jean Gabberzak
23:36: Capturing Action Shots of Mushers
24:57: Observations of Resting Dogs
26:21: River Run Back to Willow
28:40: Return to Willow and Conclusion
29:31: Musher Profile: Bryce Mumford
31:26: Excitement for the Iditarod and Closing Remarks