The Serum Run Podcast: The Rest of the Story: Part 2


This episode of Mushing Radio explores the history of the serum run and its impact on dog sled racing in Alaska. The conversation covers topics such as the decline of sled dogs in Alaska, the birth of the Iditarod, the Alaska Sweepstakes, and the Norman Vaughan Serum Run 25. The episode concludes with a discussion on the importance of preserving the stories of the serum run and the documentary ‘Icebound.’ Overall, the episode highlights the inspirational nature of the serum run and its significance in the world of mushing.


  • The serum run had a significant impact on the development of dog sled racing in Alaska.
  • The Iditarod was born out of a desire to honor the role of sled dogs in Alaska and commemorate the serum run.
  • The Alaska Sweepstakes was another important dog sled race that celebrated the tradition of mushing.
  • Preserving the stories and history of the serum run is crucial for understanding the sport of dog sled racing.


00:00: Introduction and Background
02:24: Dog Sled Racing in the Olympics
03:52: The Decline of Sled Dogs in Alaska
06:13: The Birth of the Iditarod
08:12: The Alaska Sweepstakes
10:35: The Iditarod Trail
12:28: The Early Years of the Iditarod
15:23: The Alaska Sweepstakes
17:22: The Norman Vaughan Serum Run 25
19:48: Preserving the Stories of the Serum Run
23:40: The Documentary ‘Icebound’
25:59: The Inspirational Story of the Serum Run
28:48: Closing Remarks and Future Plans
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