The Serum Run: The Rest of the Story Part 1


In this episode, Robert Forto and Alex Stein discuss the making of the 1925 serum run series on Mushing Radio. They talk about the sources they used, the storytelling process, and the importance of connecting emotionally with the audience. They also discuss the challenges of podcasting and the difference between live storytelling and podcasting. The episode covers famous dogs from the serum run, such as Balto and Togo, and the controversy surrounding their recognition. They also touch on the role of the press in exaggerating the events of the serum run and the connection between the serum run and the Iditarod.


  • The making of the 1925 serum run series involved extensive research and the use of various sources.
  • A good story connects emotionally with the audience and puts them in the middle of the narrative.
  • Podcasting requires a different approach to storytelling compared to live storytelling.
  • The fame and recognition of dogs like Balto and Togo from the serum run were influenced by media and promotional efforts.
  • The serum run had a significant impact on raising awareness of sled dogs and Alaska.
  • The serum run and its connection to the Iditarod continue to inspire and captivate people.


00:00: Introduction and Background
02:21: Making of the Story
04:18: The 1925 Serum Run
05:18: Creating a Good Story
08:32: Podcasting and Amateurism
12:23: Reflections on Season One
14:14: Famous Dogs: Balto and Togo
18:08: Media and Exaggeration
21:01: The Press and the Serum Run
24:13: Togo’s Legacy
28:06: Genetic Modification and Cloning
29:31: Leonard Seppala and the 1932 Winter Olympics
31:50: The Connection to Iditarod
33:15: Upcoming Episodes
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