The Serum Run: The Press Picks Up the Story


This episode of Dog Works Radio is part three of the limited series on the 1925 Serum Run. The episode explores the media coverage and public interest surrounding the Serum Run, as well as the exaggeration and dramatization of the situation by newspapers. It also discusses the pressure for an airborne solution and Governor Bohn’s plan for a dog sled relay.
The episode highlights the myths and realities of the Serum Run and concludes with a preview of the next episode. The episode also includes sponsorship messages and promotion of service dog training.


  • The Serum Run received significant media coverage and captured the public’s interest due to its remote and challenging nature.

  • Newspapers exaggerated and dramatized the situation, creating sensational headlines and stories.

  • There was pressure for an airborne solution to deliver the antitoxin, but Governor Bohn stuck to his plan of a dog sled relay.

  • The Serum Run became a symbol of bravery and resilience, with people all over the country following the story and offering support.


00:00: Introduction and Sponsorship
01:04: Background on the 1925 Serum Run
03:01: The Start of the Serum Run
04:21: Media Coverage and Public Interest
06:17: The Impact of the Serum Run on Public Perception
07:14: Exaggeration and Dramatization of the Situation
08:13: Pressure for an Airborne Solution
09:08: Governor Bohn’s Plan and the Need for Speed
10:04: The Norton Sound Shortcut
11:31: Myths and Realities of the Serum Run
12:57: Continuation of the Relay
14:15: Next Time on the Serum Run
14:45: Sponsorship and Service Dog Training
15:19: Promoting the Podcast
16:08: Appreciation and Credits