The End of an Epidemic


The conversation discusses the 1925 Serum Run, a dog sled relay that delivered antitoxin to Nome, Alaska during a diphtheria epidemic. The chapters cover the introduction and sponsorship, background on the serum run, the journey begins, the success of the mission, the arrival of the antitoxin, the second serum run, the overlooked heroes, the significance of sled dog races, and the enduring legacy. The conversation highlights the heroic efforts of the mushers and their dogs, emphasizing the importance of sled dog racing in Alaskan history.


00:00: Introduction and Sponsorship
01:21: Background on the 1925 Serum Run
03:20: The Journey Begins
05:16: The Success of the Mission
07:10: The Arrival of the Antitoxin
09:31: The Second Serum Run
10:00: The Overlooked Heroes
11:48: The Significance of Sled Dog Races
13:32: The Enduring Legacy
16:28: Upcoming Episode and Closing