serum run podcast kassen and balto make history

The Serum Run: Gunnar Kassen and Balto Make History

A limited series based on the 1925 Serum Run in Alaska, hosted by Alex Stein. On this episode: Gunnar Kassen and Balto Make History 

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The conversation discusses the 1925 serum run in Alaska, where dog sled teams delivered antitoxin to combat a diphtheria epidemic in Nome. The chapters cover the start of the serum run, the challenges faced by the mushers and dogs, the arrival in Nome, the recognition and honors received, the impact of the antitoxin, the second serum run, the sacrifice of the dogs, the role and recognition of Togo, the significance of sled dog racing, and the legacy of the serum run. The conversation concludes with a preview of the next episode and contact information for Alaska Dog Works.


  • The 1925 serum run in Alaska was a heroic effort to deliver antitoxin to combat a diphtheria epidemic in Nome.
  • The mushers and their dog teams faced extreme weather conditions and challenges on the journey.
  • The arrival of the antitoxin in Nome saved many lives and brought recognition and honors to the participants.
  • The serum run had a lasting impact on sled dog racing and the legacy of the event is still celebrated today.


00:00: Introduction and Sponsorship
00:50: The Start of the Serum Run
01:49:The Journey Begins
02:50:Leonard Sepal and Balto
03:46: Seppala’s Team Gets Stuck
04:12: Challenges and Triumphs
04:58: Arrival in Nome
05:37: Recognition and Honors
06:40: Film and Media Coverage
07:02: Delivery of the Antitoxin
07:41: Impact of the Antitoxin
08:11: Second Serum Run
09:41: The Dogs’ Sacrifice
10:41: Togo’s Role and Recognition
11:40: The Significance of Sled Dog : Racing
12:40: The Legacy of the Serum Run
13:10: The Heroes and Dogs of the Serum Run
15:58: Next Week: The Aftermath
16:07: Sponsorship: Alaska Dog Works
16:45: Promotion: Mushing Radio
17:02: Call to Action: Support Dog Works Radio
17:31: Conclusion and Credits
17:52: Contact Alaska Dog Works