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The Second Third and Rule 34


In this episode, Robert and Michele discuss the 2024 Iditarod race, including the standings, the halfway point at Cripple, and Dallas Seavey’s penalty for not dressing out a moose. They also talk about camping on the trail, the injuries to Dallas’s dog, and the decision to move forward. The penalty and rest time are discussed, as well as the impact of penalties on the race. They review the decision and discuss preventing moose encounters. The episode includes an interview with musher Matt Hall and a profile of rookie musher Calvin Daugherty. They also discuss the coverage on Iditarod Insider.


  • Dallas Seavey received a penalty for not dressing out a moose encountered on the trail.
  • Camping on the trail is a strategic decision made by mushers to take care of their dogs.
  • The decision to move forward instead of turning back after a moose encounter is influenced by the difficulty of passing other teams on a narrow trail.
  • The second third of the race takes place on the Yukon River and includes remote checkpoints like Ruby and Galena.
  • Mushers should provide more information in their bios to promote themselves and their kennels.


00:00: Introduction and Standings
01:23: Cripple – The Halfway Point
03:45: Camping on the Trail
08:29: Moose Encounter and Injuries
09:28: Decision to Move Forward
11:23: Penalty and Rest Time
12:48: Impact of Penalties
14:39: Reviewing the Decision
21:12: Interview with Matt Hall
23:24: Entering the Second Third of the Race
28:27: Musher Profile: Calvin Daugherty
34:44: Calvin Daugherty Journey
38:30: Iditarod Insider Coverage

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