The Sea Ice

In this episode, Robert and Michele provide updates on the Iditarod race, including the unfortunate deaths of two dogs. They discuss the possible causes of these deaths and the importance of dog welfare in the sport. They also share stories about mushers on the trail, including Bryce Mumford’s delay and the tradition of sending pizzas to mushers. They interview musher Jason Mackie and highlight the achievements of musher Gabe Dunham. They also discuss the significance of the sea ice and the serum run in Iditarod history.


  • Dog welfare is a top priority in dog mushing, and any dog deaths are cause for concern and investigation.
  • The sea ice portion of the Iditarod trail holds historical significance and is a challenging part of the race.
  • Sending pizzas to mushers is a tradition that brings joy and support to the competitors.
  • Mushers like Gabe Dunham and Jason Mackie demonstrate the spirit of adventure and love for the outdoors in dog mushing.


00:00: Introduction and Race Updates
01:45: Discussion on Dog Deaths
03:41: Causes of Dog Deaths in Races
05:28: Bryce Mumford’s Delay
08:16: Rookie of the Year and Other Stories
10:39: Peace on Earth Pizza
12:06: Candy for the Old Woman
13:26: Favorite Candy
31:29: The Sea Ice and the Serum Run
38:03: Musher Profile: Gabe Dunham
45:01: Conclusion

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