History of the Red Lantern and the Emotions

In this episode, Robert and Michele provide updates on the mushers’ positions in the Iditarod race. They discuss the morning routine of musher Josh Robbins and the challenges faced by the musher in the red lantern position. They also speculate on the recognition given to the person who finishes just before the red lantern winner. The episode includes an interview with a volunteer and explores the history and symbolism of the red lantern award. They also discuss the experience at Yentna Station and the importance of booking hotel reservations in Nome. The episode concludes with a mention of an arm wrestling championship in Nome and an advertisement for Mushing Magazine.


00:00: Introduction and Overview
01:21: Mushers on the Trail
03:12: The Red Lantern Position
05:30: Updates on Musher Positions
07:17: The Struggle of the Red Lantern Position
08:13: Recognition for Red Lantern Winner
09:38: Speculations and Questions about Red Lantern
10:07: Previous Red Lantern Winners
11:02: Rookie of the Year Announcement
12:30: The History of the Red Lantern Award
13:55: The Symbolism of the Red Lantern
15:23: The Accomplishment of Finishing Iditarod
25:28: Experience at Yentna Station
27:16: Booking Hotel Reservations in Nome
28:36: Arm Wrestling Championship in Nome
30:29: Mushing Magazine Advertisement

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