The Race to the 24

Join host Robert Forto and Michele Forto as they cover the Iditarod on their nightly podcast, The Burled Arch. Teams are making their way down the trail and many should start taking their 24-hour mandatory rest very soon.


This episode provides coverage of the 2024 Iditarod race, including updates on the current standings, awards, and strategies of the mushers. The hosts discuss the trail conditions, rest requirements, and gear choices at checkpoints. They also highlight the increased coverage of the race and the use of Starlink for internet connectivity. The episode features a profile of musher Hunter Keith and concludes with predictions for the race outcome.


  • Stay updated on the current standings and awards of the Iditarod race.
  • Understand the rest requirements and strategies of the mushers.
  • Learn about the challenges of the trail and the gear choices made by the mushers.
  • Explore the increased coverage of the race and the use of Starlink for internet connectivity.


00:00: Introduction and Coverage of the 2024 Iditarod
01:21: Current Race Standings and Awards
03:20: Correction and Recap of Race Progress
04:12: Trail Conditions and Live Feeds
05:10: Musher Strategies and Rest Stops
06:06: Gear and Supplies at Checkpoints
06:58: Current Race Leader and Time Differential
07:23: Rest Requirements and Checkpoints
08:21: Discussion on Rest Strategies
09:16: Update on Musher Progress and Trail Conditions
10:14: Race Divided into Three Parts
11:13: Increase in Coverage and Newcomers
12:09: Discussion on Internet Coverage and Starlink
13:02: Expanded Coverage of Back of the Pack
14:00: Discussion on Changes in Gear and Fashion
15:25: Challenges of the Dazelle Gorge
16:18: Starlink Experience and Coverage Expectations
23:47: Discussion on Musher Profiles and Contact Information
28:38: Musher Profile: Hunter Keefe
34:05: Race Update and Predictions
35:19: Closing Remarks and Promotion of Mushing Coverage