the mighty yukon

The Mighty Yukon River


In this episode, Robert and Michele provide an update on the Iditarod race, including the current standings and notable stories. They discuss the importance of dog care and the strategic management of dog teams. The hosts also share personal stories and experiences from the trail. They highlight the First to the Yukon Award and its history, as well as the involvement of local chefs in providing meals for the mushers. The episode features an interview with musher Will Rhodes and profiles rookie musher Erin Altemus. The hosts discuss the challenges and significance of the Yukon River Run, including the dangers and camaraderie among mushers. They conclude with a preview of upcoming events and checkpoints.


  • Dog care and strategic management of dog teams are crucial in the Iditarod race.
  • The First to the Yukon Award is a prestigious honor, and local chefs provide meals for the mushers.
  • The Yukon River Run is a challenging and monotonous stretch of the race, with potential dangers and a sense of camaraderie among mushers.
  • Mushers often travel in groups, offering support and motivation to each other.
  • The race covers a significant distance, and checkpoints play a vital role in the mushers’ journey.


00:00: Introduction and Race Update
01:22: Dog Care and Stories on the Race
04:14: Ruby Checkpoint and Personal Stories
06:33: First to the Yukon Award and Chefs
07:57: Food on the Trail
08:50: First to the Yukon Award History
09:13: First to the Yukon Award Sponsorship
10:39: Scott Jansen and Lance Mackey Connection
11:32: No Scratches and Community Support
12:25: Ryan Redington and Paige Drobny Incident
16:08: Interview with Will Rhodes
21:11: Looking Forward to Unalakleet
23:09: Musher Profile: Erin Altemus
26:44: The Mighty Yukon River Run
31:15: Mushers Traveling in Groups
35:06: Distance and Challenges on the Yukon
36:27: Portage and Anna Berington
38:14: Conclusion

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