The Iditarod Through the Decades: Late Twenty Teens

Join host Alex as he brings you Iditarod Through the Decades: The Late 20-teens

SummaryThe conversation covers various topics related to the Iditarod race in the late 20-teens. It discusses the restart of the race in Fairbanks, Lance Mackey’s challenges, Brent Sass’s disqualification, Dallas Seavey’s third win, the controversial documentary ‘Sled Dogs’, the decrease in dog deaths, Karen Ramsted’s tragic loss, the use of Pepsid AC to prevent ulcers, Mitch Seavey’s fourth win, Dallas Seavey’s drug test controversy, changes in Iditarod sponsorship, and the challenges and uncertainty facing the race. Despite the challenges, there is still hope for the future of Iditarod.


  • The Iditarod race in the late 20-teens faced various challenges and controversies.
  • The restart of the race was moved to Fairbanks, Lance Mackey faced health issues, and Brent Sass was disqualified.
  • Dallas Seavey won his third and fourth Iditarod races, while a controversial documentary called ‘Sled Dogs’ raised concerns about animal mistreatment.
  • The decrease in dog deaths was attributed to the use of Pepsid AC to prevent ulcers, and Karen Ramsted’s tragic loss led to research on preventing dog deaths.
  • The race also faced sponsorship changes and uncertainty for its future.


00:00: Iditarod Restart in Fairbanks
01:24: Lance Mackey’s Challenges
04:37: Dallas Seavey’s Third Win
05:07: Lance Mackey’s Comeback
06:03: Snowmachiner Incident
07:46: Mitch Seavey’s Third Win
08:13: Brent Sass’s Disappointing Race
09:10: Controversial Documentary ‘Sled Dogs’
10:32: Decrease in Dog Deaths
11:26: Karen Ramsted’s Tragic Loss
13:17: Pepsid AC Prevents Ulcers
14:41: Mitch Seavey’s Fourth Win
16:36: Dallas Seavey’s Drug Test Controversy
19:35: Challenges and Uncertainty for Iditarod
21:09: Hope for the Future of Iditarod
22:13: Iditarod Champions in the Late 20-teens