Snowmachines, Dog Teams and "Highways" in Alaska

Join hosts Robert Forto and Michele Forto as they discuss the day’s news on the Iditarod, the teams in Nome, the snow machine accident with a dog team, and much more.


In this conversation, Robert and Michele discuss the latest updates on the Iditarod race, including the incident involving a snow machine and a dog team. They emphasize the importance of safety measures on the trail, such as using rabbit sleds and reflective material. They also discuss the ongoing coverage of the Iditarod, highlighting the journey aspect of the race. The conversation includes an interview with musher Sean Williams and a profile of rookie musher Benjamin Good. The hosts preview upcoming topics and express hope for a positive end to the race.


00:00: Introduction and Iditarod Update
02:24: Snow Machine Incident
03:21: Safety Measures on the Trail
06:17: Using Rabbit Sleds for Safety
09:09: Reflective Material and Lighted Collars
11:36: Sled Modifications for Visibility
13:01: Importance of Continuing Iditarod Coverage
13:59: Iditarod as a Race or Journey
22:46: Musher Profile: Benjamin Good
26:30: Conclusion and Preview

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