Kim Henneman mushing podcast

Sled Dog Veterinary Care w/Kim Henneman


In this conversation, Robert Forto is joined by veterinarian Kim Henneman to discuss vet care in sled dog racing. Kim shares her background in sports medicine and rehabilitation for dogs and horses, as well as her involvement in sled dog sports. They compare the differences between pet dogs and working dogs, and the importance of nutrition and exercise for high-performance athletes. Kim explains the differences in vet care for different types of sled dog racing, including the challenges of providing care in remote checkpoints. She also shares her favorite checkpoints and interesting stories from her experiences on the trail.
Editor’s Note: Transcriptions of episodes of the Mushing Podcast are created with a mix of speech recognition software and human transcribers, and may contain some grammatical errors or slight deviations from the audio.


  • Vet care for sled dog racing requires specialized knowledge in sports medicine and rehabilitation.
  • There are different types of sled dog racing, including sprint, mid-distance, and marathon, each with its own specific needs and challenges.
  • Vet care on the trail can be challenging due to limited access to critical care resources and the need for flexibility and improvisation.
  • Vet care continues after the race, with veterinarians available to provide care for dogs in the dog lot and address any health concerns.


00:00: Introduction and Background
01:38: Kim’s Bio and Veterinary Practice
03:44: Kim’s Involvement in the Horse World
05:34: Kim’s Introduction to Sled Dog Sports
07:25: Comparison between Pet Dogs and Working Dogs
08:23: Different Types of Sled Dog Racing
09:45: Growing Interest in Canine Sports and Research
12:21: Differences in Vet Care for Different Race Types
15:34: Preparing for Races and Traveling
18:45: Working as a Veterinarian on the Trail
21:48: Shifts and Responsibilities at Checkpoints
23:36: Time Commitment for Races
24:33: Favorite Checkpoints and Interesting Stories
27:16: Most Interesting Case on the Trail
30:29: Continued Vet Care After the Race
33:18: Authority of Veterinarians on the Trail
35:04: Importance of Nutrition and Feeding
36:20: Follow Kim and Resources for Mushers