Emily Robinson mushing podcast

Running with the Big Dogs w/Emily Robinson


Emily Robinson, a young and accomplished dog musher, joins Robert Forto on the Mushing podcast. Emily discusses her background in dog mushing and her recent success in the racing world. She shares her experience in the Knik 200 race and the challenges she faced. Emily also talks about the differences in training for different types of races and the importance of finding the right balance between speed and endurance. She reveals her favorite snack on the trail and highlights her favorite dogs in her kennel. Emily discusses the future of dog mushing and the changes she has seen in the sport. She expresses her gratitude to her supporters and shares where people can follow her journey.
Editor’s Note: Transcriptions of episodes of the Mushing Podcast are created with a mix of speech recognition software and human transcribers, and may contain some grammatical errors or slight deviations from the audio.


  • Emily Robinson has been involved in dog mushing since she was three years old and has been competing in races against adults as well as in junior races.
  • She recently won the Knik 200 race, the first Iditarod qualifier of the season, and is focused on mid-distance racing.
  • Emily’s training approach differs from mushers like Brent Sass and Ryan Redington, who specialize in longer races, as she focuses on speed rather than endurance.
  • Her favorite snack on the trail is baby food pouches, which provide a quick and easy source of nutrition.
  • Emily emphasizes the importance of supporting the sport of dog mushing and hopes to see it continue for another 50 years.


00:00: Introduction and Bio
01:53Focus on Racing
02:23: Knik 200 Race
04:36: Racing with Big Name Mushers
07:28: Taking the Lead in the Race
10:36: Differences in Training for Different Races
13:21: Favorite Snack on the Trail
17:06: Favorite Dogs in the Kennel
21:54: Switching Between Junior and Adult Races
26:32: The Future of Dog Mushing
27:55: Biggest Changes in Dog Mushing
31:13: Acknowledgements and Social Media
33:38: Closing Remarks