Pre-Race Picks for the 2024 Iditarod


In this episode, Robert and Michele are joined by Iditarod super fans Richard Weaver and Patti Christensen. They discuss the preparations and excitement leading up to the start of the Iditarod race. The conversation also touches on the role of the podcast in providing a fan perspective and the importance of engaging with fans. The hosts seek feedback on how to improve the podcast and suggest involving mushers and handlers in future episodes. The episode concludes with a profile of mushers Neil and Lauro Eklund. In this episode, the hosts discuss their top picks for the Iditarod race. They introduce Lauro and Neil Eklund, two competitive dog mushers who operate Skookum Expeditions. The hosts also highlight the importance of women in the race and mention several female mushers to watch. They provide quick facts about the race, including the number of mushers and the competitive field. The hosts share their top picks, including Dallas Seavey, Ryan Redington, and Jesse Royer. They also mention rookie musher Will Rhodes and his connection to Brenda Mackey.


  • The days leading up to the Iditarod race are filled with last-minute preparations and excitement for both mushers and fans.
  • Engaging with fans and providing a unique perspective on the race is an important aspect of the podcast.
  • Feedback from fans is valuable in improving the podcast and meeting their needs.
  • Musher profiles offer insights into the lives and experiences of different mushers participating in the race.


00:00: Introduction and Setting the Stage
03:12: Guest Introduction and Their Involvement with Iditarod
12:11: Following Iditarod and the Role of the Podcast
25:07: Improving the Podcast for Fans
28:00: Musher Profiles and Connecting with Fans
31:21: Engaging with Fans and Future Plans
35:06: Musher Profile: Neil and Lauro Eklund
36:05: Introduction to Lauro  and Neil Eklund
41:40: Discussion of Picks and Favorites
42:05: Quick Facts about the Race
43:03: Competitive Field and Potential Winners
45:00: Importance of Women in the Race
46:24: Patti’s Top Picks
50:38: Michele’s Top Picks
55:27: Richard’s Top Picks
58:24: Robert’s Top Picks
01:02:11: Discussion on Will Rhodes and Brenda Mackey
01:05:28: Closing Remarks and Birthday Wishes