Nome Traditions

In this episode, Robert and Michele Forto continue their coverage of the Iditarod 2024. They discuss the last few mushers who arrived in Nome, the number of finishers and scratches, and congratulate all the finishers. They also share stories and corrections, and talk about the activities and traditions in Nome. They explain the process of shipping dogs back home and picking them up at the airport. They highlight The Burled Arch, the Widow’s Lamp, and the Red Lantern Award. The episode concludes with a call to action for listeners to find out what’s on the menu for the banquet.


  • The Iditarod 2024 has come to a close with 29 finishers and 9 scratches.
  • The Burled Arch in Nome is a symbol of accomplishment and the Widow’s Lamp is extinguished by the last place finisher.
  • Shipping dogs back home after the race involves crates and transportation arrangements.
  • The Red Lantern Award is given to the last place finisher and is a tradition in the Iditarod.


00:00: Introduction and Coverage
01:17: Last Few Mushers in Nome
03:12: Congratulations to Finishers
04:10: Corrections and Stories
05:06: Activities in Nome
06:30: Shipping Dogs Back Home
07:23: Process of Retrieving Dogs
08:17: Picking Up Dogs at the Airport
09:13: Taking Care of Dogs
10:39: Traditions in Nome
12:32: The Burled Arch
15:25: The Widow’s Lamp
16:24: The Red Lantern Award

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