Musher Beth Castaldi

Join host Jamie Perry as she welcomes musher Beth Castaldi to the Dirty Dog Dryland Podcast.


I was born in 1947 and spent my childhood in rural upstate New York. There never was a family dog until I was about ready to break out on my own.My introduction to sled dogs came sometime in the mid 1970’s after moving to Pennsylvania. Siberian huskies, Star and Sheba, were my first dogs. Thinking back, I wonder what they endured as I meddled my way through obedience and harness training. Along with other eager learners, I was welcomed into the Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club. There we found mentors with experience, willingness, and patience to share their knowledge with us. Because of the friendships made and love of the dogs a mushing lifestyle was firmly established for me. In 1984 a new employment opportunity took me to Indiana where I found Ken.

Thankfully, a few of my dogs made the move with me. All it took was a few rides on the runners and Ken readily bought into my passion. In 2001 we relocated to Wisconsin where we immersed ourselves in a sled dog focused retirement.

Over the years I have had so many wonderful experiences including racing both sled and dryland, participating in numerous clubs, volunteering in various capacities, taking sled dog focused vacations, and attending educational conventions. I’ve had Siberian huskies, Alaskans, a variety of hounds, pointers, dessert hound crosses, several rescues and even a border collie in my teams. Each breed has brought its own challenges and successes.

It has been my pleasure to work with enthusiastic junior mushers, present many programs about dog powered sports to adults and school kids and assist many newcomers to the sport. If you are looking for a sport where everything is perfect this is NOT it.

It’s not been without serious learning curves, disappointments, frustration with the weather and other situations out of my control, devastating heartbreaks and hours and hours of hard work but the joy far exceeds the negatives.

I am especially grateful for the long-lasting friendships and the privilege of harnessing some remarkable dogs.

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