Living Off-Grid And Mushing In Alaska w/Julia DeLoach

Join host Robert Forto as he welcomes musher, Julia DeLoach to talk about her off-grid lifestyle and mushing dogs in Alaska.

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Julia DeLoach, a musher from Trapper Creek, Alaska, shares her experience and insights into the world of dog mushing. She discusses the optimal temperature for running sled dogs and the challenges and advantages of living in a remote area. Julia talks about her favorite races and the dogs that have made an impact on her mushing career. She also shares stories of memorable moments on the trail and the importance of veteran dogs in teaching younger dogs. Julia discusses how she balances her full-time job with training her dogs and her plans for the future, including participating in the 440 race and working in Skagway.


  • Living in a remote area like Trapper Creek, Alaska, provides unique opportunities for dog mushing, with access to trails and rivers.
  • Veteran dogs play a crucial role in teaching younger dogs and ensuring a successful team.
  • Balancing a full-time job with training and caring for sled dogs requires dedication and a love for the sport.
  • The future of dog mushing looks promising, with a growing junior mushing scene and a renewed interest in expeditions and long-distance races.


00:00: Introduction and Weather
01:00: Background and Experience in Mushing
03:22: Optimal Temperature for Sled Dog Running
04:20: Living in Trapper Creek, Alaska
05:17: Access to Trails and Rivers
06:14: Daily Activities and Involvement
07:32: Favorite Races and Races to Bring Back
08:30: Favorite Dogs and Memorable Stories
10:23: Start of Races and Race Mishaps
13:17: Age Range of Dogs
14:45: Favorite Dog Zombie and Leader Scarlett
21:20: Future of Dog Mushing
24:09: Working in Skagway and Future Plans
26:00: Impact of Dog Tours on Mushing
27:27: Conclusion