Junior Mushing and Race Cars w/Lacy Kuehl

Junior Mushing and Race Cars w/Lacy Kuehl


Lacy Keuhl, a race car driver and dog musher, shares her journey from car racing to dog mushing. She talks about her background in racing and how she got into legend car racing. Lacy then explains how she ended up in Alaska and got introduced to dog mushing. She shares her training experience for the Junior Iditarod and her participation in the race. Lacy also discusses her work for diabetes awareness and her future plans for racing. She compares the adrenaline of car racing with the unpredictability of dog mushing and shares her favorite dog mushing story. Lacy concludes by sharing her social media presence and thanking the sponsor.

Editor’s Note: Transcriptions of episodes of the Mushing Podcast are created with a mix of speech recognition software and human transcribers, and may contain some grammatical errors or slight deviations from the audio.



00:00: Introduction
01:31: Lacy’s Background in Racing
04:06: Lacy’s Experience with Legend Car Racing
07:16: Lacy’s Introduction to Dog Mushing
08:37: Training for the Junior Iditarod
10:01: Lacy’s Experience in the Junior Iditarod
12:11: Lacy’s Work for Diabetes Awareness
15:08: Favorite Dog Mushing Story
16:58: Future Plans for Racing
18:50: Lacy’s Involvement in Car Racing
20:40: Lacy’s Scary Car Racing Experience
21:38: Comparison between Dog Mushing and Car Racing
22:59: Lacy’s Social Media Presence
23:28: Closing and Sponsorship