fish first and batsled

Fish First and BatSled


This episode of Mushing on First Paw Media covers updates on the 2024 Iditarod race, including the current standings and the Bristol Bay Native Corporation Fish First Award.
The conversation then shifts to the challenges of sourcing food for sled dogs in Alaska, particularly the difficulties in obtaining raw food products. The hosts discuss the high cost of feeding sled dogs and the scarcity of certain food items. They also interview musher Connor McMahon and provide an introduction to musher Laura Kittleson. The episode concludes with a discussion on the acquisition of Mushing Magazine and the importance of preserving mushing history.


  • Sourcing food for sled dogs in Alaska can be challenging due to logistical issues and the high cost of transportation.
  • The scarcity of raw food products has led to an increased reliance on kibble and other types of meat.
  • Feeding a sled dog team can be expensive, with costs ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per year.
  • Mushing Magazine has been acquired by the hosts of the podcast, who aim to preserve the history of dog mushing and continue the publication.
  • The hosts encourage listeners to check out Dallas Seavey’s Bat Sled, a innovative sled design featured in a YouTube video.


00:00: Introduction and Updates
02:21: The Bristol Bay Native Corporation Fish First Award
05:15: Challenges of Sourcing Food for Sled Dogs
08:23: Difficulties in Getting Dog Food in Alaska
10:42: Scarcity of Raw Food Products
11:38: The Struggle to Obtain Dog Food
13:30: The Cost of Feeding Sled Dogs
15:21: Interview with Musher Connor McMahon
23:59: Acquisition of Mushing Magazine
27:06: Preserving Mushing History
31:20: The Importance of Mushing Magazine
35:28: Future Plans for Mushing Magazine
38:37: Pizza in Unalakleet and Favorite Pizza Toppings
42:14: Commercial Break and Recommendation to Check Out Dallas Seavey’s Bat Sled