Dallas Seavey Wins His Sixth Iditarod

This conversation covers the 2024 Iditarod race, including the winner Dallas Seavey, and the challenges he faced. It also discusses the scratches and dog deaths that occurred during the race. The conversation explores dog studies and compares them to human endurance athletes. The hosts discuss the importance of experience and expertise in reporting. An interview with Meredith Mapes at Yentna Station is included, as well as a profile of musher Jeff Reid. The conversation concludes with a discussion on activities in Nome during Iditarod week.


  • Dallas Seavey won the 2024 Iditarod, facing challenges and emotional moments throughout the race.
  • There were scratches and dog deaths during the race, raising concerns and the need for further investigation.
  • Dog studies have shown various health issues in sled dogs, and comparisons were made to human endurance athletes.
  • Experience and expertise are important in reporting, even if one is not directly involved in the activity being reported on.
  • Activities in Nome during Iditarod week offer a range of options for visitors to enjoy.


00:00: Introduction and Iditarod Winner
02:20: Dallas Seavey’s Journey and Challenges
05:31: Scratches and Dog Deaths
07:55: Dog Studies and Comparison to Human Endurance Athletes
11:28: Discussion on Experience and Expertise in Reporting
16:11: Interview with Meredith Mapes at Yentna Station
24:57: Interview with Jeff Reed
33:13: Musher Profile: Jeff Reed
36:31: Activities in Nome during Iditarod Week

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