Ceremonial Start of Iditarod 2024

Join hosts Robert Forto and Michele Forto as they talk about the ceremonial start in Anchorage and getting ready for the race for real tomorrow in Willow.


In this episode, Robert and Michele discuss the ceremonial start and preparations for the restart of the Iditarod race. They also highlight the work of Joshua Robbins and his nonprofit organization, Outreach 22, which aims to raise awareness about veteran suicide. The conversation includes a list of mushers and the causes they support. The episode concludes with an advertisement for Mushing Magazine.


00:00: Introduction and Setting the Scene
03:12: The Ceremonial Start
08:22: Preparations for the Restart
10:43: The Restart in Willow
13:56: Musher Profile: Joshua Robbins and Outreach 22
34:05: Musher Profile: Joshua Robbins and Outreach 22 (Continued)
44:14: Conclusion and Advertisement for Mushing Magazine