Robert and Michele Forto are the new owners of Mushing Magazine

Robert and Michele Forto are the new owners of Mushing Magazine
It is official!
Hello everyone, I am Robert, and it is with immense excitement that my wife, Michele, and I share the news: We are the new owners of Mushing Magazine!
Embarking on this adventure fills us with joy. Nils and Diana have worked with us over the last few months to mentor us in the technical aspects of the magazine. They just published their last issue, and it should be in the mail soon. We will start on the next issue in the next few weeks and fully launch many new and cool features on our website.
Our focus for the magazine will be much different than before. We are planning on doing a lot of interactive and multi-media content. Members will still get print subscriptions to Mushing Magazine, member-exclusive content and interviews, an education portal, and access to the Adventure Dogs Club, and something that we are calling the Mushing Road Trip each summer, where we visit kennels around the world and interview mushers for the magazine, and more.
We feel like there was an opportunity to combine it under a single umbrella and merge the experience for the reader. When you combine the services and add in all the premium content, We felt this was an offering for consumers that could be a foundation for their active lifestyle world and the true Home for Dog-Powered Sports!
We are eager to earn your continued support and uphold the tradition of this great sport.
Stay tuned for further updates and developments!
Additionally, we are looking to expand our team. In the coming days, we will be releasing a new compensation package to our freelancers and contributors and looking to fill positions for creatives.
We are looking forward to seeing you on the trail!
Robert and Michele
Robert released a video detailing the Past, Present, and Future