State of Mushing: February 2024


In this conversation, Michele Forto provides updates on the progress of Mushing Magazine and shares exciting news about the acquisition of Team and Trail, a historical newsletter. She announces the release date for the first print magazine and discusses the learning process involved in printing. Michele also addresses the subscriber list and plans to clean it up. She highlights the expansion of offerings and access for subscribers. The conversation concludes with a focus on preserving the history of dog mushing and the importance of continuing the legacy of the sport.


  • The first print magazine for Mushing Magazine in 2024 will be released on April 30th.
  • The subscriber list is being cleaned up to ensure all subscribers receive their expected issues.
  • The acquisition of Team and Trail, a historical newsletter, will provide valuable insights into the history of dog mushing.
  • Preserving the history of dog mushing is crucial for the future of the sport.


00:00: Introduction and Magazine Update
01:02: First Print Magazine Release
02:27: Subscriber List and Cleaning Up
03:26: Printer Tour and Learning Process
03:55: Profit and Loss in 2024
04:55: Expanding Offerings and Access
05:24: Taking Over Team and Trail
07:19: Preserving the History of Dog Mushing
07:48: Continuing the Legacy of Dog Mushing