You want warm?

These mitts are favored by dog mushers, snowmachiners, and anyone else who needs toasty hands in severe temperatures. Two layers of Polartec 300 fleece on the palm side and two layers of Climashield synthetic insulation on the top side are sandwiched between a durable, water-resistant outer shell and a soft taffeta lining.  

Fleece insulation offers resistance to compression and Climashield offers maximum insulation at a lighter weight.  Leather palms provide grip and durability. An extra roomy gauntlet cuff fits over the sleeves of even the loftiest parka and adjusts with a Velcro flap.

Nose warmer pads sewn onto the back of each mitt are an essential feature for cold weather activities. These mittens are designed and fabricated in Fairbanks, Alaska by Apocalypse Design. Many colors. For more information see:

Howling Dog Alaska has introduced a new dog coat to their existing line of equipment. Working closely with our customers, we identified a need for a medium weight affordable dog coat. Introducing the DuraCoat™; a lighter simpler version of our popular Thermo Dog Coat.

DuraCoat™ dog coat features an extremely durable waterproof and windproof Tolson outer shell, polyester filling, a soft fleece lining, Velcro closure belly strap, and reflective tape for enhanced night safety — a must for distance mushers!

Our famous Howling Dog Alaska logo-embroidered patch is on the side of every coat. The DuraCoat™ was featured in the August/September issue of Gun Dog Magazine! Designed and sold by Howling Dog Alaska.

Hybrid Running Jacket

This attractive dog jacket provides full body protection. It is an ideal running/exercising jacket for shorthaired dogs. This body hugging, 4-way stretch, wind-resistant jacket features a durable chest insert. This practical chest insert prevents harness rub if coat is used under a harness. The jacket also features additional padding to protect a male’s genitals from extreme cold.

The jacket does not have an opening for free urination for males, as we tried to eliminate any possibility of frost bite while designing this jacket. If desired, an opening for males can be easily added by simply cutting a hole in the jacket. The jacket is easy to put on. No Velcro. No hardware.

Designed and sold by Howling Dog Alaska.The Double Driver (left) was developed for the tour industry for carrying two passengers and a musher. This allows a passenger the thrill of driving a dogsled which can be done while the musher is close at hand for the safety of the team and passengers.

Due to popular demand the original Double Driver has been transformed into an all-purpose training sled – The Double Trainer (below). The Double Trainer has a toboggan front allowing for even greater cargo capacity, while the two sets of stanchions, handlbars, and brakes allow for any two drivers to hit the trail together. Sled bags are available for front and back for gear. As with all MaineMade Dog Sleds, this newer model is made from select white ash, laminated wood runners, and is even lighter in weight than the Double Driver. For information:

SKOOKUM brand anoraks have been worn by mushers on the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod as well as being featured on fashion runways/magazines from Montreal to Milan. The anorak is lightweight, warm and durable with attention to fit for layering according to temperature, activity, personal comfort in the cold and style. •

SKOOKUM brand has won two top national awards 1) From Style Magazine- Canada’s fashion industry publication and 2) from the Design Exchange-which recognizes and promotes Canadian design internationally- SKOOKUM brand anorak is included in their permanent collection. SKOOKUMbrand’s design does not just rely on technical fabrics but is inspired by centuries-old Inuit design for ventilation and traditional fur harvesting for added warmth and protection.

SKOOKUM brand has been recognized for its responsible use of fur. SKOOKUM brand supports humane harvesting standards, managing fur bearing animals with principals of conservation biology, and generally demonstrating the utmost care and respect for wild animals and their habitats. We live in the north where fur is harvested for subsistence purposes and we believe that fur harvesters are the stewards of the land that share values with other conservationists, and this is aided by their vested interest in the wildlife habitat.

Mountain Ridge Herbal Remedies Joint Liniment

An Emu oil based product with several herbs and essential oils has incredible holistic healing power. Emu oil is a deep penetrating trans-dermal carrier that is naturally anti-inflammatory as well as anti-microbial.

With its amazing anti-inflammatory properties a small amount massaged into the affected area is capable of quickly aiding the healing process of many different injuries. Check out our exclusive line of Emu oil based products at mtnridge.comThe Critterwoods Snow Hook has been in production for 12 years. “I originally made it for my wife Joan who never trusted a snow hook to stay put (many teams were chased down and recovered ).

That is all history now, she has complete confidence in the design. A few people saw the hook and wanted one so I started building them 20 at time. It is a once in a life time purchase where as it is made of almost indestructible material, tempered stainless steel that is lazer cut and tig welded for added strength with a total weight of 3½ lbs.

You should only have to purchase one if you lose it or just want another. The hook itself is made in a way that when pulled from the front it naturally wants to dig down and it will until it sets itself. I have got into the habit of just dropping it into the snow and letting it set itself. The best part is it will right itself. As soon as it hits the ground it will dig in and you are stopped. There have been many Critterwoods snow hooks that have made the trip to Nome as well as traveled the Yukon Quest and most of the other major events world wide.” Gary Chapman, owner

With the purchase of the pink dog bootie, 5 cents will be donated to the American Cancer Society to benefit breast cancer. ACS has invested more in breast cancer research grants over time than any other voluntary public health organization – $352 million since 1972! And, it was the American Cancer Society that established mammography as the gold standard for the early detection of breast cancer.

Thanks for giving the gift of life! With the purchase of the purple dog bootie, 5 cents will be donated to the American Cancer Society’s Bark For Life. This event honors our canine caregivers while raising money to “take a bite out of cancer.” Thanks for giving the gift of life! We have 9 different colors of 330 denier Cordura booties, black, royal blue, brown/tan, blaze orange, green, pink, purple, red, and yellow. For more information and other sled dog gear visit: