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Important Note: It was brought to our attention today that there was an article shared that was uncredited by the author.
When we took over the magazine in December 2023 we should have posted on this site that as the magazine is transitioning, there might be oversights regarding credit for articles and other anomalies. 
The article that was brought to our attention today was written and published in 2010 in Mushing Magazine. It was scanned in as a PDF and placed on Mushing(dot)com in 2019 by a previous owner of the magazine.
There are over 2000 articles on the site that were scanned in this way. If you look back at these older articles you will see them posted as one, long block of unedited text. This is a tale-tale sign that it was scanned.
While we will do our best to edit these articles and add bylines (like we did for the one in question today) we can only do this as we come across them.
When we purchased the magazine we bought all of the content that was ever published by Mushing Magazine from 1988 to today. Sure, that means we give credit where credit is due but that also means that we own the published content.
If you were ever published in Mushing Magazine before 2023 and your article was published without a byline please reach out and we will add it to your article.
Our plan is to start right away on page one of the content (2000+) pages and edit and add bylines to the articles that we can confirm. We will do this one by one. This is a HUGE project and not something that can be done in a day. Our only other choice is to take the entire Mushing(dot)come site down and close the magazine.
Michele Forto
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