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I will admit that I am a bit of a coffee snob. In fact, remember when we had all of that time on our hands in 2020? Some of us took up hobbies like painting or knitting. We started a coffee company called First Paw Coffee

We quickly found out that it costs more to ship a pound of coffee to Outside (what we Alaskans call anything but here), so we abandoned the idea, mostly…

I have alway been a fan of North Pole Coffee, and Alaskan Made brand from Fairbanks and I go back to their blends from time to time. 

But since this is a mushing page and we have fans around the world, I wanted to review their Mushers Blend


A solid American-style breakfast coffee from a small roaster in Santa’s neighborhood. It is a blend of Central and South America beans of medium and Italian coffee-French roast notes. It is dry and acidy but balanced, complete, closing on rich. 

Who Should Drink It

The mushing factor: A brisk, keep you awake on the trail flavor, with a nice red bag and a value-added location.

It is a nice, bold brew. I used our fancy, De’Longhi coffee maker which servers up a nice hot or cold brew of your liking. 

12 ounce Bag

Gluten Free 


Follow them at: North Pole Coffee

Picture of Robert Forto

Robert Forto

Managing Partner