Yukon Quest: Three, Four and Five Gun for a Win

The Yukon Quest trail into Alaska is covered in deep, fresh snow. And the Yukon River is a maze of jumble ice. It’s where dog teams are headed next. The top two teams are well ahead of their competitors, but the three teams that rounding out a group of front runners are confident they can make up the time. Two years ago, Brent Sass drove his team into Eagle with a dramatic story about a rescue on top of American Summit, but a reroute of the trail this year eliminates the summit. The six-time Quest finisher is at his best driving dogs over tough trail and in poor weather, but Sass doesn’t mind this year’s change. “Those are definitely the places where I can make up time but those are definitely places where I can lose time if someone needs help. I definitely lost time helping out Hans Gatt that year. I mean another 50 miles on the river could be good for us as well,” he says.Read more here: http://fm.kuac.org/post/three-four-and-five-gun-win


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