Yukon Quest – Looking further back, keep track of the pack

Updated 2.21.06 10:00 amThere are still 20 dog teams stretched over 400 miles of Yukon Quest Trail. While some people think the race is over with the arrival of the first team, in fact, the race does not rest until the LAST dog team safely crosses the Finish Line. In 2007, this might be as late as Friday February 23rd or even Saturday February 24th!The final team moving along the trail currently is Bob McAlpin, who departed the Eagle Checkpoint about 11:00 am Tuesday February 20th. The 2007 Champion crossed the Fairbanks Finish Line about 3 hours after Bob pulled his hook in Eagle and began his 160 mile run down the Yukon River to Slaven’s Cabin Dog Drop and the Circle Checkpoint.Kyla Boivin is between Slaven’s Cabin and Circle City, over 300 miles from the Finish Line while Lance Mackey begins to relax after his record 2007 run!Three teams are moving along the trail between Circle and Central; Tom Benson, Benedikt Beisch, and Regina Wycoff. They are expected to arrive soonKelley Griffin arrived in Central early this morning and is reported to be resting.William Hanes left Mile 101 at 8 am this morning, Richie Beattie is reported to be resting at 101 and plans to depart Wednesday morning. There is a substantial time gap between these teams and the group running in front of them, headed up by David Dalton and John Schandelmeier, two race veterans running over Eagle and Rosebud Summits as they make their way towards Chena Hot Springs and their final, mandatory layover there.Keep in touch with the up-to-the-minute Race Updates by clicking here, and watching the progress of the teams further back in the pack.All mushers and their teams love to be met at checkpoints and the Finish Line, so plan to come downtown to see some of the mushers arriving.Approximate Arrival Times for the Fairbanks Finish Line can be estimated by adding 12 hours to the mushers’ departure times out of Chena Hot Springs, or 4 hours to their times through the North Pole Dog Drop.Come on out and welcome all the dog teams into Fairbanks as the 2007 Yukon Quest mushers and their dogs arrive in our town!!


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