Yukon Quest: Front Runners Pick Up The Pace

Yukon Quest mushers are picking up the pace and reedvaluating the race strategies on their way into Dawson. Three of the teams running in the top five blew through Pelly Crossing as the race intensifies.Jake Berkowitz was in no mood to stay when he pulled into the Pelly Crossing checkpoint. His spot tracker hadn’t been working, and even his handlers were surprised to see all 14 dogs waving their fluffy tails as vets checked them over. “Can you take a look at the third one up on the right?” Berkowitz calls to a race vet. “He’s been pulling great but it takes him a little more time to warm up, like five miles, where the rest of them warmed up just great.” He points to a dog named Skoal as he packs his sled bag with kibble, meat snacks and methanol. Skoal was cleared to run and the musher took off after Allen Moore who’d left less than an hour before Berkowitz arrived.Read more here: http://fm.kuac.org/post/front-runners-pick-pace


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