Toddler Takes Third in Area Dog Sled Race

Harleigh Dutton crossed the finish line to take home third place in her division over the weekend at the Inland Empire Pacific Coast Championship Sled Dog Races. The achievement would be impressive on its own, as sled dog races can be a grueling and difficult sport, but for Harleigh, the impressive feat is even more so when you notice the dog is taller than the musher. In fact, Harleigh’s dog Yukon is six years older than the first-time sled dog racer. At 2 years old, the Pinehust native was the youngest participant by two years in the event held Staturday and Sunday at Priest Lake. While the age limit is four years old usually, Harleigh was allowed to race because she could fit in the helmet and is able to operate the sled’s brake.Read more here:


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