Streeper Kennels went undefeated in 2010. Our second team finished second place (Stage Stop Wyoming), a third place (Canadian Championship 150, Yellowknife) and a fourth place (Fur Rondy).In the 2010 Fur Rondy, our kennel produced 78 dogs, racing on 6 seperate teams. Our 2 teams started with 20 dogs(Bud) and 18 dogs (Jeff King), finsishing with 16 and 14.In Yellowknife our kennel received the humanitarian award for best cared for dog team, awarded from the veternarians. It’s a 12 dog pool, 10 dog max, and both our teams had 12 solid dogs to pick from for the last day.Our plan in 2011 will be similar, and we will also race the Fairbanks Open North American with 2-3 teams. For more info on our kennel: streeperkennels.comHeidi (f) 50lbs – 2005 (Mimi X Sunny) AKA Heidi Klum—long legs and beautiful. Main leader the last 2 seasons. Raced lead on my winning Stage, Rondy and Yellowknife team. Hard driving and very fast. Has more “human friends” at more races than any other dog. She is a sweetheart. Bred to Lyle in 2008, producing a litter of 10 dynamite pups. Bred to Walter in spring 2010Oats (f) 46lbs – 2006 (Mimi X Bingo) Main leader 2010. Raced lead for my winning team in Wyoming, Anchorage and Yellowknife. Hard driving, very focused and trail smart, never wants to stop, super fast, can loose run at 30 mph. Loves mass starts and chasing. When she sees a team ahead, she needs to get by it. She overtook every team in the 2010 Stage Stop.Troya (f) 48lbs – 2007 (Myia X Pride) Main Leader. Winning leader of the “Big 3.” Although she only raced Day 1 in Anchorage, as she had a sore wrist after heat 1, she rebounded to set the winning pace in the 150 mile Canadian Championship, Yellowknife. Member of the “Terrific T” litter. Fast and super friendly, she has 1 blue and 1 brown eye. Troya will be the pace setting leader for the team in the future.  Balto (m) 60lbs – 2007 (Birch x Lance) Big, fast, hard driving, natural leader. He is so fast he could blow up the atv chasing him down. Loose runs so smoothly and effortlessly, it apperas he is not moving, but the speed is in excess of 30mph. Raced lead for Lina at 2010 Stage Stop, and was on my winning team at Fur Rondy. Will mature into an even better dog. Blaze(m) 45lbs – 2007 (Birch x Lance) Leader. Raced lead for Lina in Wyoming and was a life saver during a tough stage in Big Piney. Blaze was put up front and changed the ending script for Lina’s race. She will forever be grateful for his eagerness and work ethic in tough situations. Ran point on my winning Fur Rondy team. Lots of speed and loves to go fast. Blaze is the cheerleader of the team with his pre-race attitude and excitement.Danny (m) 48lbs – 2004 (Little Dee x Pride) Leader. Raced on my winning Stage and Rondy team. Led Lina in Yellowknife. Easy runner, lots of speed and long lasting endurance. One of our main studs, producing winning team members. Loves loose running and free time. Danny will let you know 1 month before any female shows signs of a heat cycle as he crowds them and makes sure he is their “boyfriend.” Echo (m) 45lbs – 2006 (Erin x Pride) leader- raced for Lina in Wyoming and Yellowknife,  and used as a coming home leader for the longer stages.  Raced point on my winning rondy team 2010. Loves to play fetch and wont let any other dogs get the ball, and once he has it he makes all the other dogs chase after him.Eddy (m) 58lbs – 2006 (Erin x Pride) Leader. Winning team member of the “Big 3.” Eddy was used as a coming home leader in Wyoming and Yellowknife as he always saves lots of speed and power for the finishing miles. Can run anywhere in the team, but is best fitted in the back for his power. Loves loose running and the females in the “bitch pen” as he was bred in 2009 and has become a real “hound.”Flicka (f) 48lbs – 2006 (Mimi x Duke) Winning team member 2010 Rondy. Raced with Lina in Wyoming and Yellowknife. Hard driving point dog, very fast. Loves loose runs and playing near the ponds and creeks – likes the water and birds around them. Fun dog to work with as she is a real sweetheart.Izaq (m) 48lbs – 2006 (Iris x Casper) Hard working point, lots of speed and drive. Raced on winning team at Stage Stop and Rondy. Raced on main team the last 2 seasons. One of my best front end dogs. Never on the wrong side, avoids tangles and negotiates problems.Lance (m) 58lbs – 2004 (Venus x Pride) One of our best all around dogs. Raced on winning 2010 teams in Wyoming, Anchorage and Yellowknife. Lance is very hard driving. He would be the best dog in any limited class team. He pulls so hard I think he will break the harness, and will do so for 60 miles. He is a top producing stud, having some awesome 2 year olds contributing to our race winning teams.Larry (m) 60lbs – 2006 (Mimi x Duke) Hard driving powerhouse. Raced with Lina in Wyoming and Yellowknife. Raced on my winning 2010 Rondy team. Big and strong. Loves to walk the line as he stands on the main line in the starting chute. He is always eager and willing to run. Tons of attitude.Leif (m) 55lbs – 2007 (Nome x Lance) Leader. Lina’s main man in Wyoming and Yellowknife. Raced with Jeff King in Rondy 2010. Our youngest race dog this winter, as he turned 2 years old on December 20th, 2009. Awesome dog for the future. Starting to mature into a champion.Little Dee (f) 40lbs – 2000 (Dee x Cody) GREATEST SLED DOG LEADER OF ALL TIME! Winning leader of sprint sled dog racing biggest races. Fairbanks (2003,2007 track record), Anchorage (2004, 2007 track record, 2008), Yellowknife (2003, 2005), The PAS (2005) & Laconia (2003). Raced lead for Jeff King in 2010 Rondy and could have led my team to victory this year. Lyle (m) 60lbs – 2003 (Helen X Tuffy) Main team member 2006-2009. Raced with Jeff King in 2010 Rondy. Extremely hard driving and fast. Loves attention and affection. Lyle is a great big teddy bear. Bred to Heidi in 2008, creating a gorgeous litter of 10. He will be bred many more times in this kennel.Morgan (m) 55lbs – 2005 (Ty x Pride) Main wheel dog the last 3 seasons. Won the “Big 3” racing more heats then any other dog. Hard drving and focused, loves to go fast. Endless endurance, tough head and solid body. Loves loose running and being 1st, runs so fast and so far in front of other dogs, you rarely get to see how fast he really is. Bred to Birch spring 2010.Myia (f) 55lbs – 2003 (Mimi x Tritt) Leader. Led Jeff King to 4th place at Rondy 2010. Was my main leader 2006-2009. Extremely fast and hard driving. Myia pulls so hard she could lead any team to the top. Really playful around the truck and acts like a puppy with other dogs. Mother of the “Terrific T” litter including Troja, Toka, T-Bone, Thelma, Thor. Bred to Lance spring 2010.T-BONE (m) 50lbs – 2007 (Myia x Pride) Member of the “Terrific T” litter. Raced on the winning teams at the “Big 3.” Ran point most heats with his sister, Toka. They are equilly matched in size and speed and very fast. Can avoid lines and tangles in front of big teams at high speeds. Fun and very playful, T-Bone will often see birds flying over-head, and let out a high pitched bark, informing his team mates of the in-flight observer.Thelma (f) 48lbs – 2007 (Myia X Pride) Leader. Raced lead for Lina in Wyoming and Yellowknife. Raced back up lead on my Fur Rondy team. Hard driving pace setter. Member of the “Terrific T” litter. Loves attention and will do anything to get it. Likes to loose run around the truck playing tag with her brothers. Bred to Dale spring 2010.Toka (f) 45lbs – 2007 (Myia x Pride) Main point dog 2010. Raced on the winning team at StageStop, Rondy and Yellowknife. Smart and fast. Can negotiate lines and avoid tangles in front of 20 dogs at 20 mph. A member of the “Terrific T” litter, Myia x Pride, that created 5 race winning members. Will be bred summer 2010.Walter(m) 60lbs – 2007 (Mimi X Danny) AKA “The Man.” Hard to pick your best dog when you have 20 that win every race you enter, but Walter would be on the short list, as he was a winning team member of the “Big 3” (Wyoming Stage Stop, Anchorage Rondy, Yellowknife 150) Extremely fast, loose runs at speeds my ATV won’t go. Hard driving and very strong. He’s broken more than 1 snap in the start chute and is crazy to go every run. I consider him one of my best, as I’ve bred him to the best all time leader, D.D. and my current best leader Heidi. Really looking forward to having an entire team of this guy!Willy (m) 55lbs – 2007 (Mimi x Danny) Littermate to Walter. Raced on my winning team at Stage Stop and Rondy. Very fast and fun to work with. Loves loose running, and scanning open fields for birds or butterflies. Can run anywhere in the team, from wheel to lead, but best in point or a 2nd swing. 


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