The Quest In The Classroom

Mushers and race organizers on the Yukon Quest need to know how to read maps, measure distance and time. They also need to know how to communicate well. Those are all reasons why some teachers in Alaska use the race as a teaching tool this time of year. One fourth grade class in Fairbanks is gearing up to follow this year’s race.23 fourth graders stand in a circle in front of Woodriver Elementary School in Fairbanks. In the midst of the frenzied huddle, there’s something black and furry.“Come here, Yukon, come here, come here,” calls musher Brent Sass. This is Yukon, a three-year old sled dog. The Eureka musher stoops to comfort the dog as tiny hands reach in from all directions to scratch Yukon’s ears and pat his fluffy coat. “He’s a little bit like ‘Oh, what’s going on here,’” laughs Sass.Read more here:


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