Midview Grad and Dog-Sled Racer Speaks to Elementary Students

Just one good sled dog is able to pull 1,500 pounds, and the stars of the Iditarod need a lot of energy to complete the race, according to 2007 Midview graduate Cory Igneczi.Each of the 16 dogs pulling a sled eats about 16,000 calories a day, mostly moose meat and fat, said Igneczi, who has participated in the race from Anchorage to Nome.In a talk at East Elementary, Igneczi amazed fifth-graders who are studying the 150-mile Junior Iditarod.Read more here: http://chronicle.northcoastnow.com/2012/02/22/midview-grad-and-dog-sled-racer-speaks-to-elementary-students/


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