Jim Lanier: Pathologist and Iditarod Racer

At first glance, being a pathologist and running sled dogs competitively in Alaska would seem to be completely different pursuits. But Jim Lanier, MD, a retired pathologist and career-long member of the ASCP who was the first musher to reach the halfway point in this year’s Iditarod race, sees some parallels.“For medicine in general, the training involves going without sleep—so it has that in common,” said Dr. Lanier, 71. “And my medical training and knowledge are useful when it comes to the veterinary care of the animals. I understand the physiology of dogs, and when I discuss things with vets during the race or at home, I speak their language.Read more here: http://www.ascp.org/Newsroom/Pathologist-71-Wins-Halfway-Milestone-in-1000-Mile-Dog-Sled-Race.html


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