Iditarod Historic Trail Statue Unveiled in Seward, Alaska

It could not have been a finer day for a historic dedication ceremony Thursday, May 3rd. The sun was out in the brisk afternoon, flocks of seagulls flew overhead squawking, and from within the Alaska SeaLife Center nearby could be heard the barks of sealions. Seward’s very own superstar, Iditarod musher, trailblazer and former history teacher Dan Seavey, 74, having recently completed the Iditarod Dog-Sled Race he helped found, stood looking over the crowd of well wishers that included local politicos, seniors, historic trail supporters and the entire student body of Seward Elementary School. Behind him stood the new monument marking the start of the Iditarod Historic Trail, a 1,200 pound bronze statue of a hardy prospector and his pack-dog walking with his stick, mounted atop a giant rock weighing 33 thousand pounds.Read more here:


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