Hopewell Teen to Compete in Junior Iditarod Sled Dog Race

It is the most famous sled dog race in the world, the Iditarod… over 1,000 miles, through Alaska’s toughest terrain. It’s so popular, there is even a junior version. This year, 15-year-old Taylor Steele of Hopewell will be racing a sled dog team in it.”I kept watching movies and it just kind of started from there,” Taylor explained. ” I asked my dad if I could get a dog sled for Christmas and he got me one.”Soon, she had enough dogs for a full team. She traveled to Alaska to learn the ropes of dog sled racing from a professional. Mitch Seavey won the Iditarod back in 2004. Taylor would return home to practice with her local dog team. Then, the following Summer, she went back to Alaska to work with the Seavey family’s dog sled tour company. Soon, they agreed she was ready for her own Alaskan sled dog team.Read more here: http://wearecentralpa.com/fulltext-centralpalive?nxd_id=420742


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