A Fiery Win For Russian Dog Musher

On March 27, Andrei Semashkin crossed a finish line in the village of Ossora and became this year’s champion of the Beringia dog sled race. He’d traveled 1,068 kilometers in 83 hours and 16 minutes. He looked sure of himself. In Ossora, there was no one who hadn’t expected his win —though Semashkin had never won the Beringia before, he’d been leading this pack of mushers since the race’s start on March 9 in Esso, collecting three prizes for best time along the way. By the race’s final start, 20 kilometers outside Ossora, Semashkin had built a lead of nearly four hours between himself and the musher in second place. The time difference that morning between those in second and third places, on the other hand, was a mere 11 seconds.Read more here: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/blogs/447156/post/a-fiery-win-for-dog-musher/456657.html


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