Dryland: Missoula’s Suzanne Reed Has An Urban Transportation Plan

I’m standing on the narrow asphalt road that runs north from Fort Missoula, watching 58-year-old Suzanne Reed drag a shiny metal cart attached to a kick-scooter across the platform bolted to the top of her small red pickup truck. Bursts of cold wind bite into my face. It’s starting to drizzle. I pull the hood of my jacket up over my head as Reed positions herself between two narrow metal ramps running parallel from the platform to the ground. She tugs on the scooter-cart, guiding each rear wheel into the track of a ramp. The scooter floats out in front as she bends her knees and lowers the vehicle toward the ground. Suddenly, the left wheel slips off the ramp. The right side of the cart juts skyward. “You want help?” I yell into a gust of wind.Read more here: http://missoulanews.bigskypress.com/missoula/missoulas-suzanne-reed-has-an-urban-transportation-plan/Content?oid=1565220


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