Amundsen’s Footsteps Expedition Complete!

EXPEDITION DIARYDAY 28 – Saturday 19th MarchThe wind started to get up gusting between 40-50 mph and snowing. It got very difficult, we couldn’t see anything, so we stayed put. We camped, it was very boring lying around all day with the tent banging and crashing, the wind was so bad we thought the tent was going to tear to shreds, we had a whole night of it buffeting and banging around.DAY 29 – Sunday 20th MarchThe wind dropped away, it was gusting now and then but it wasn’t too bad and when it stopped snowing the visibility was good. The wind had blown the trail so it was nice and hard, we managed to do about 34 good miles. We went straight through Fort Yukon, which is an Indian village with about 600 people living there, and camped outside on the Yukon River which is a very beautiful place.For more:


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